Presentation of the teaser for the Ukrainian film "BUCHA" in Berlin

2 mart 2023
Presentation of the teaser for the Ukrainian film "BUCHA" in Berlin
To mark the first anniversary of the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine, BuchaFilm (Kiev) presented a teaser and draft of the film-drama Bucha in Berlin at the KLICK Cinema on 24 February 2023, with shooting set to begin in March 2023.
The film BUCHA was also presented at the European Film Market at the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).

The plot of the feature film is based on true events that took place in the towns of Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel and Irpen during the Russian occupation in February-April 2022.
The biopic tells the story of the rescue of 203 inhabitants by Konstantin Gudauskas, a citizen of Kazakhstan, who was granted asylum in Ukraine and lives in Bucha. 
The aim of the film is to tell people all over the world about the tragedy of the Ukrainian people.
The implementation of this project will help Ukraine in the international arena in the fight against global terrorism and aggression.
The event was attended by Olersandr Shchur, the producer and screenwriter of the film, as well as online performances by the prototype of the main character, Konstantin Gudauskas, and lead actors Cesari Lukashevich and Vyacheslav Dovzhenko.