Big start: shooting teaser of the film-drama "Bucha"

12 de septiembre de 2022
Big start: shooting teaser of the film-drama  "Bucha"
Dear friends, we have already been working actively on the film "Bucha" and we want to share the first footage from the filming with you.

On August 14, our creative team filmed a teaser trailer for the drama "Bucha". And on September 13, we will show it on the screens for the first time. Filming took place on the territory of Kyiv region.

In the film, you can see the real terrible events that took place in Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Irpin and other cities of Kyiv region during the occupation by russian troops. The drama is based on the story of a political refugee from Kazakhstan who saved the lives of 203 Ukrainians.  All the characters of the film are real people, each story is real.  

The main mission of our team is to show the truth about the war started by Russia against Ukraine. Everyone should know what atrocities the russian army has committed against the Ukrainian people. The world should not forget that the war continues, because russia destroys Ukrainian cities and kills civilians in the center of Europe with missiles every day.

The following are working on the film: Oleksandr Schur - creative producer, screenwriter of "Dating in Vegas", "I, You, He, She", director Stanislav Tiunov - producer of "Dating in Vegas", director of "Youth" and many other representatives of the Ukrainian film industry who affected by the war and who are doing everything possible to make the film see the whole world.

Help us to tell the truth, support our project.