American tour of the Art Against Propaganda project started in Boston

January 18, 2024
American tour of the Art Against Propaganda project started in Boston
On January 17, the American tour of the #ArtAgainstPropaganda project started in Boston, at the Regent Theater, where Oleksandr Shchur , the producer and screenplay author of the film, held private screenings of the working materials of the feature film Bucha.

The event was attended by 180 people. Unfortunately, not everyone in the United States is aware of the cruel and unjust war Russia is waging against Ukraine, and therefore it is very important to show the truth and resist propaganda.

The following important feedback we received in Boston from the owner of the cinema Leland after the screening is proof of that
“I thought the film was very captivating and professionally shot and edited with excellent acting throughout. Each scene seemed authentic and “natural.” In other words, instead of being preachy / telling the audience what we are supposed to think, it told the story “as it really happened” and allows the audience to react personally to the story.

Some of the graphic violence and torture was tough to take, but it really didn’t upset me beyond the thought-provoking aspect of what really happened and what continues to go on in Ukraine, while we in America sit comfortably on our couches and go about our business in a country without war”.

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