From March 16 to April 22 the shooting of the film took place.
27 shooting days on the territory of Ukraine.
More than 120 actors and 700 crowd-sourced actors took part in the shooting.
Now there is a period of post-production.
The film will be ready by Spring 2024.

About this project

This project is a film based on a true story. In April of 2022, the public learned about horrific events that took place in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities, occupied by the Russian troops. Our mission is to tell the entire world about what really happened. This film is based on a true story of a refugee from Kazakhstan who saved hundreds of Ukrainians in Bucha and in other occupied cities and towns.

The filming will take place in Ukraine.

Production is scheduled for spring 2023 with the initial screening targeting winter-spring of 2024.

The crew has been assembled and the teaser was shot in August of 2022.

The funding will be provided by donations from donors, sponsors, and independent investors.

This project, once completed, will help Ukraine tell the true story of its people to a wider international community.


Konstantin Gudauskas
Konstantin Gudauskas is a Lithuanian Jew, a citizen of Kazakhstan, an activist who has received asylum in Ukraine, and lives in Bucha at the start of the war.

After the Russian invasion, because of his Kazakh passport and citizenship he is able to travel to the Russian occupied territories and evacuate civilians from there.

While saving 203 people, Konstantin observes firsthand the horrors of war and atrocities of the Russian occupation committed by Russian troops - murders, robberies, rape.


503,472 $ out of 568,472 $



Preparations are already underway. Contingent on the readiness and financing, the filming is planned for early to middle of winter of 2022-2023.
The minimum amount required for the project is USD 568,472. If additional budget is available, it will be invested into post-production and  visual elements improvements, as well as the promotion of the film on the film markets and festivals.
Distribute information about the project to as many people as possible.

Share a link to the project website and our social network sites.

If you know of potential investors, please let us know. You can find our contacts here
Producers will be looking for the missing amount from sponsors, private investors and, if needed, financing it themselves through loans.
All collected funds are deposited to “BuchaFilm” LLC. This company was incorporated specifically for the implementation of this project. This company signed an agreement with the platform “Wayforpay.” “BuchaFilm” LLC will submit its financial reports to the tax authorities in Ukraine and to other government organizations.
Since PayPal does not allow legal entities to receive money in Ukraine, the funds are deposited to a PayPal account of Oleksandr Shchur, the producer and the screenwriter of the film. As next step, the funds will be transferred from the PayPal account to the account of “BuchaFilm” LLC. The detailed reports will be provided on all transfers and spending of the funds.
Russia's war against Ukraine is ongoing. Presently there is fear of occupation of other territories. We believe that it is crucial to convey information about the war to as many people as possible, so that people of other countries and their political leaders continue and increase their support of Ukraine fight for freedom and independence.
The creators will list all donors (with their permission) in the final movie credits.
We expect to release the film in the winter-spring of 2024. It is impossible to provide the exact date at this moment, the production of the film may be affected by the war.
We plan to introduce the film at the major film festivals. After that, the film will be released to the general public by the distributors or the streaming platforms.

Currently we do not know if individual/private or a preliminary screening will be possible. It will depend on the legal agreements to be identified at a later date.