"Everyone should see this movie!" Bucha residents shared their impressions of the movie "BUCHA"

March 29, 2024
"Everyone should see this movie!" Bucha residents shared their impressions of the movie "BUCHA"
On March 28, on the second anniversary of the liberation of Kyiv region from the Russian army, a private screening of the working materials of the film "Bucha" took place in the packed hall of the Filmax cinema in Bucha. Guests and viewers were residents of the cities of Kyiv region, those who were directly saved by Konstantin, the prototype of the film's protagonist, as well as those whose relatives died during the occupation. Many of the viewers are prototypes of the film's characters, whose stories are shown in the movie. They are residents of Bucha, Irpin, Vorzel and other neighboring towns. Among the guests were also well-known volunteers Marichka and Vasylina Tomyshynets, who were hunted by the Russians, and Oksana Chertsova, a lecturer at the Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko University, who volunteered during the occupation.
The special guest of the screening was Konstantin Gudauskas, the prototype of the film's protagonist:

"I'm glad to see you here, all those who were with me then. We didn't know each other before, but we were together at that time, we became one team," Konstantin greeted everyone. "The film Bucha is a testament to the crime and the true intentions of the Russians. The film gives an example of the heroism and unity of the Ukrainian people during the invasion."

"Everyone should see this movie!" a resident of Bucha, who was rescued from the occupation, shares her impressions with tears in her eyes, "For all of us who survived this tragedy, this film is very important, we want everyone in the world to know about the atrocities of these inhumans.

"It's hard to watch, but everyone should watch it. The movie is very powerful, and I am very grateful that these events are being talked about and filmed. I could hardly hold back my tears because my parents and I were under occupation, I remember how scary it was. I advise everyone to come to the cinema and watch the movie, in Ukraine and especially abroad. If we bring it to the masses as much as possible, it will give us weapons and extra money to destroy the occupiers," says Natalia Sokolenko, a volunteer who, together with her husband Oleksandr, now a soldier, met Kostiantyn with the rescued people in Shpytky and delivered them through dozens of checkpoints to Kyiv. 

"The filmmakers managed to realistically recreate the events that happened to us in those days," says Oksana from Vorzel. "We waited all night under the "hail" for the morning. I taught everyone the Our Father prayer, and we could hardly wait for the green corridor."

According to the film's distributor in Ukraine, Film.UA, the film's national release is scheduled for early November this year.