For the first time, TIFF in Toronto hosted a screening of the working materials of the film Butch

September 15, 2023
On September 8, the first screening of the working materials of the film «Bucha» took place at the TIFF International Film Festival in Toronto. The festival's management also supported the film and provided an opportunity to hold the event free of charge. About 20 Canadian producers and investors were present, as well as 2 guests from Serbia.

The event featured a 20-minute screening of the film. After the viewing, there was a discussion together with the producer and screenwriter of the film "Bucha" Oleksandr Shchur, about the importance of this project, why this story was chosen, and what the team plans to do next. Oleksandr shared with his foreign colleagues what problems they had to solve while filming during the constant air attacks, explosions, and information terror from Russia.

"Our main goal as a BuchaFilm team is to show the working materials of the film to foreigners and hear their feedback, because very often something obvious to us is not obvious to a Western audience." (Oleksandr Shchur)

The event was also attended by CBC News Canada radio host Jennifer Clibbon.  At the invitation of Jennifer Clibbon, Oleksandr Shchur, together with Philip Illienko and Anna Palenchuk, gave 8 shows for CBC News media corporation in different cities of Canada.